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Our mission is to equip players for life's challenges. From modest beginnings, We foster holistic development, shaping individuals who make positive societal impacts. With mentorship and unwavering support, we empower players to overcome obstacles. By cultivating sportsmanship and dedication, we nurture both talent and responsible citizenship. Our unwavering objective is to create a space where dreams soar, merging passion with opportunity, and transforming lives for the better.

We're taking a lot of initiative to build football infrastructure in and around our area because there isn't any. We're attempting to provide a basic platform for young people to showcase their talent. As part of that goal, we established the Bangalore Super Strikers FC Foundation to build sports infrastructure because many people come from low-income families and want to achieve their dreams through the power of football. It is my intention to provide sports infrastructure to the needy in my area first, and then throughout India, in order to assist young champions who are financially challenged.


The Foundation was established in April 2021 with the sole aim of gearing up the power and passion of our players to improve their lives. We care for each other, and especially those who are in need. Along with our supporters, our Foundation delivers programmes which provide opportunities to accomplish our mission of recognizing and enabling talented players from low income background to participate in Football tournaments at all levels across the nation. Our humble yet promising journey started from muddy pitches and not from finished turf grounds which could help our players sense step by step progress.


We utilizes the power of Football and our BSSFC model to encourage learners of different age groups. We plan to help a minimum of 500 students/year with our all-inclusive project on education. Here, we make the learners focus on education as the key factor for individual development by giving them proper orientation and trainings. These trainings imbibe the required attitude and skills in learners. We intend to keep up the spirit of education in individuals through the value of integrity, teamwork, equality, neutrality, and much more. Our education wing maintains healthy relationships with the schools, colleges, and other educational institutions for the successful promotion of the learning initiatives.


Organize safeguarding education and awareness sessions for all children associated with BSSFC Foundation and ensure they understand where to go if they have concerns or if they need protection from abuse either occurring within the boundary of BSSFC Foundation’s activities or elsewhere.

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Bangalore Superstrikers FC Foundation

We are starting our branch in Nilgiris Tamil Nadu. We are helping players to use football as a medium for strengthening character and personality. We embark on players personal journey better with the services from us. We have a mission to serve the society and looking for thousand ways to make a difference. We are one team, expecting the same support from all of you have given to Bangalore Super Strikers FC. We hope our player development programs and residential programs helps to provide right environment for bringing players to their full potential ,


Including to our new teams ,This year Bangalore Super Strikers Football Club planned to make strength in Nilgiris which includes(Ooty,Coonoor,Kotagiri).We are trying to get into new teams to join in .We provide guidance and support to schools and run vocational training centres at nilgiris.We promote football matches there and provide the students the opportunities for playing in league matches ,those players will be offered with Food and Accommodation,Jersey,Medical facilities and proper training .

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